Delayed Submission Responses for Blue Heron Review Issue #16


PLEASE READ / SPECIAL NOTE: Delayed Submission Responses for BHR16
Due to unexpected circumstances, response times will now be 10-12 weeks (instead of 8-10 weeks).  Apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you to all those who submitted poems for our next issue, BHR 16 Spring 2023 / “Sanctuaries and Places of Peace.”  Our issue will be devoted to creating a safe haven of peace for our writers and readers. All submissions will be read with great care. Our online publication date for this issue has been re-scheduled for mid-May.

2022 Blue Heron Review Pushcart Prize Nominations


BHR Fall 2022 / Issue 15

“Another Place” by Laura Goldin
“For You” by Diane Vogel Ferri
“Apron Strings” by Patricia Carney
“Beach” by Yvette Viets Flaten

BHR Spring 2022 / Issue 14

“Nesting” by Jessica L Parker
“Transmission of Joy” by Jessica Lee McMillan

(*Visit the BHR 14  and BHR 15 pages of this site to read all of these beautiful poems. Simply scroll down to find the work of each author within the issue.)

Blue Heron Review Issue 15 / Fall 2022 NOW ONLINE!

FINAL BHR 15 Cover Design

(Cover art credit: Cynthia Yatchman)

Please visit the BHR 15 Fall 2022 page of our site to read and view our full collection of poetry and visual art!


Susan Fiore * Kim Klugh * Amy Murre * Laura Goldin * Ellen Lager * Diane Vogel Ferri * Karen A VandenBos * Mary Anna Scenga Kruch * Margaret Rozga * Pam Lewis * Elizabeth R McCarthy * Sami H Tripp * Richard Havenga * Michele Mekel * Lucy Tyrrell * Keith MacNider * Derik Hawley * Patricia Carney * Julie A Dickson * Erna Kelly * Nancy Murphy * Abha Das Sarma * Yvette Viets Flaten * Maryann Hurtt * Mary McCarthy * Fred Kreutz * Erik Richardson * Eamon O’Caoineachan * Ann Wehrman * Fredric Hildebrand * Thomas A Thrun

Cynthia Yatchman (Cover Artist) * Michael Jeske * Karren Jeske * Janet Ruth * Jeannie E Roberts * Thomas A Thomas * Derik Hawley * Gail Goepfert

Editor’s Note:

Welcome to the Fall 2022 “Shared Space” issue of Blue Heron Review (Issue #15). It is such a pleasure to share this special collection of poetry and photography/art with our readers! Whether it is about sharing space with the natural world, loved ones, or anyone we have a sense of connection and kinship with, this issue explores all of the ways in which we touch the lives of others in positive ways. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue as much as I enjoyed curating it

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review

Blue Heron Review News / Fall BHR Issue 15 due out end of October & our next submission period will be at the beginning of December

Our next reading period for Blue Heron Review will be:
December 1st through December 15th, 2022

THEME: Sanctuaries and Places of Peace

Our theme for the BHR 16 Spring 2023 issue is “Sanctuaries and Places of Peace.”  Our whole issue is devoted to creating a safe haven of peace for our writers and readers.  You can describe a fictional place, your ideal haven, or a memory of a special place you’ve visited that has given you a feeling of serenity and peace.  The goal is to create a collection devoted to finding a peaceful place to dwell within the self, when the outer world becomes busy or challenging.  Having a place to refresh and renew the spirit allows us to move forward and give back in positive ways.  I look forward to reading about your sanctuaries!  (*A complete list of details can be found on our submission guidelines page.)

Image for BHR 16 subs Photo by Parul Gupta on Unsplash

(Photo by Parul Gupta on Unsplash)

Best of the Net Nominations / Blue Heron Review

Best of the Net BHR logo2

It is an honor to curate and bring you a wonderful selection of thoughtful, meditative poetry in Blue Heron Review. I am proud of each and every one of our talented contributors. I wish I could have nominated more than 6 authors for the Best of the Net awards. Please join me in celebrating the work of these fine writers. The following poets nominated appear in either BHR Issue 13 Fall 2021 / or BHR Issue 14 Spring 2022.

Visit the BHR 13 and BHR 14 pages of this site to read all of these beautiful poems. Simply scroll down to find the work of each author within the issue.

Nominations from BHR Issue 13 Fall 2021

Donna H DiCello / “Is the World Too Full to Talk About?”
Jackie Langetieg / “I Never Knew”


Nominations from BHR Issue 14 Spring 2022

Jessica Lee McMillan / “Transmission of Joy”
Elisabeth Harrahy / “Goodbye, Professor”
Jess L Parker / “Nesting”
Cheryl Byler Keeler / “Sixty-two”

Thank you for supporting our authors. We value our Blue Heron readers!

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review

Blue Heron Review Issue 14 / Spring 2022 NOW ONLINE!


FINAL Cover Image BHR14

(Cover art credit: Janet Ruth)


Please visit the BHR 14 Spring 2022 page of our site, to read and view our full collection of poetry and visual art!

Poets: Jessica Lee McMillan * Jenna Wysong Filbrun * Annie Marhefka * Bonnie Demerjian * Judith Sanders * Elisabeth Harrahy * Ruth Hoberman * Matt Edgeworth * Hope McLeod * Daye Phillippo * Jess L Parker * John Grey * Karen George * Kelly Jarvis * Nora Snyder * Jeannie E Roberts * John Muro * Penny Harter * Jackie Langetieg * Cheryl Byler Keeler * Janet Ruth * Georgia Ressmeyer * Patrice Boyer Claeys * Emily Bowles * Mary C Rowin * Sandra J Lindow * Lora Keller * Karen Warinsky * Linda Aschbrenner * Ronnie Hess * Paula Schulz * Roseanne Freed

Artists: Janet Ruth (Cover Artist) * Karen A VandenBos * Gail Goepfert * Thomas A Thomas * Derik Hawley

Editor’s Note:

Dear reader,

Thank you for joining us for this special themed issue of Blue Heron Review — Meaningful Connections / BHR 14. Whether you are taking a breath to read just a few poems or pausing for a longer, enjoyable read, I hope that you find some peace here. May these offerings of poetry and visual art provide time to reflect and rest. May we all find healing in our connections with others, the world around us, and ourselves. I hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as I have enjoyed curating it for you!
Kind wishes,

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review

2021 Pushcart Prize Nominations for Blue Heron Review




2021 Pushcart Prize Nominations for Blue Heron Review
(*To read individual poems, please click on the issue and scroll down for each poet)


From Spring 2021 BHR Issue 12:

Rachael Inciarte / “terrestrial bodies”

Karen George / “All Night Long I Dream of Paintings”



From Fall 2021 BHR Issue 13:

Lisa Ashley / “Safe Harbor”

Andrea England / “For the Boy on Campus Who Asked to Pet My Dog during COVID”

Donna H DiCello / “Is the World Too Full to Talk About?”

Jackie Langetieg / “I Never Knew”




Editor’s Note: It is an honor and a pleasure to publish every poem in our issues for BHR.  Only being allowed to nominate 6 poems for any given year is always very difficult.  I wish I could choose so many more! Congratulations to these poets for their nominations.


Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review



Open Call for Submissions December 1-15, 2021

DECEMBER 1-15, 2021
BHR 14 / Spring 2022 Issue


BH postcard med

(Artwork, “Great Blue Heron,” by Daniel Adams)


Sharpen your pencils and limber up your minds and hearts!  We’re having another bonus issue of Blue Heron Review.  Our next issue will be published in late spring.  Our theme is MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS — whether it’s human connection, connecting to nature and the environment, or connecting with your authentic self, we want to read your meditative poetry for this special issue!  Please visit the Blue Heron Review Submission Guidelines page of our site and read all of our requirements carefully.  Please ONLY send submissions during the reading period of December 1-15, 2021.  We look forward to reading your most heartfelt thoughts on connection!


Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review