Blue Heron Review Issue 6 / Summer 2016 Now Online!

BHR Issue 6 Summer 2016 Cover Final Image

(Cover art by Leilani Carroll)

Welcome to the SUMMER 2016 ISSUE OF BLUE HERON REVIEW! This is our 6th, and largest, issue to date! With almost 50 poets and 11 visual artists, this BHR issue is brimming with inspiration and beauty! Please join me in celebrating our highly talented contributors. I hope you enjoy browsing, reading, and returning many times to read our latest issue.

In kindness and peace,
Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review

Annette L Grunseth * Richard King Perkins II * Taylor Graham * Kosei * Christian Stock * Pamela Ahlen * JC Elkin * Marcia J Pradzinski * Elise Hempel * Richard Havenga * Robert Chesney * Hillary Kobernick * Laura Cerenzio * Jane Osypowski * Jeannie E Roberts * Glen Wilson * Greg Gregory * Barbara Ruth * Kai Coggin * Rachel Dacus * Mary Jo Balistreri * Georgia Ressmeyer * Karla Van Vliet * Lyn Lifshin * Ken Allan Dronsfield * Bobbie Lovell * Ying Wu * Mike Orlock * Krikor Der Hohannesian * Paula Schulz * Erin Slaughter * Rita Anderson * June G Paul * Tom Montag * Devi S Laskar * Kathrine Yets * Jean Biegun * Skye Marzo * Sarah Rehfeldt * James P Roberts * Hayden Saunier * Lynne Burnett * Patricia Williams * Marianne Szlyk * Sylvia Cavanaugh * Laurel Devitt * Mary C Rowin * Robin White Turtle Lysne * Judy Wucherer

Leilani Carroll (cover artist) * Jen Herro * Fiona Capuano (featured photographer) * Sharon Auberle * Jeannie E Roberts * Devi Laskar * David Seth Smith * Bobbie Lovell * Sarah Woodworth * Sarah Rehfeldt * Holly Kallie

A Special Note from the Editor …

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted poetry for our upcoming summer issue of Blue Heron Review! We received an extraordinary, eclectic mix of very fine work.

Submissions are now temporarily CLOSED for Blue Heron Review. PLEASE NOTE: Our next open call for submissions will NOT be until March 20th through April 20th, 2017. *Due to the record high number of submissions for the summer 2016 issue, our winter 2017 issue is also NOW FULL. Open submissions will resume for our BHR8, Summer 2017 issue. Thank you for making Blue Heron such a successful, online poetry journal!

Please follow us to read a NEW featured poet EVERY month on our BLUE HERON SPEAKS FEATURED AUTHOR page. Our special features page will resume again in September 2016, with another line up of gorgeous work, by some of the most talented, contemporary poets writing today.

Please visit our ARCHIVES page to read and enjoy past issues. Stay tuned for our summer issue, BHR#6, due to be released at the very end of July, 2016!

With kind wishes for creativity and inspiration,
Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review


Blue Heron postcard image

(photo credit: Robert Lee Haycock)