About Blue Heron

Daniel Adams Blue Heron

(“Great Blue Heron” by artist Daniel Adams)

Blue Heron Review is an online poetry magazine specializing in mystical and spiritual verse.  Blue Heron provides a space for poets who offer a positive message about living fully and engaging with the world through beauty, a sense of community, and acceptance.

Blue Heron strives to promote and feature works that nourish the soul, encourage deep reflection, and support a peaceful life path.  Blue Heron poets embrace the concepts of:  joy, abundance, grace, love, light, connection, awareness, acceptance, balance, peace, one’s soul path, and spirit in their works.  Think, Rumi ~ think, Hafiz!

Blue Heron Review publishes TWO online issues per year (winter/summer), as well as ONE featured poet on our Blue Heron Speaks page each month.   The winter issue is published at the end of February.  The summer issue is published at the end of July.  For a detailed overview of submissions, please click on the tab for Submission Guidelines on this site.  We look forward to reading your thoughts on life, through the lens of poetry.

Blue Heron Review chooses nominations from our issues for both the Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize every year.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Heron Review is a not-for-profit, online-only literary journal.  We are not able to offer payment for publication of work in our issues.  There is no submission fee.  Staff members do not receive any income from working on Blue Heron Review.  

Thank you!

~Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor

The best way to stay updated about current issues, announcements, and features is to “like” the Blue Heron Review Facebook page.

Please send all correspondence and submissions to:


“Creativity is the Blue Heron within us waiting to fly; through her imagination, all things become possible.”

Nadia Janice Brown

Copyright © 2013-2019  Blue Heron Review  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Blue Heron Review holds first publication rights of poems.  All original rights go back to individual authors.  ALL visual artwork belongs to our contributing artists.  NO image may be reproduced in any way, without written permission from the individual artist.)

Blue Heron Review is a member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.
Blue Heron Review is officially listed on the Duotrope literary magazine database.


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