Blue Heron Review Pushcart Prize Nominations

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From BHR3 Winter 2015

1. “Rising” by Andrew Albritton
2. “To My Brothers and Sisters” by Chris Abbate
3. “Diagram of Serenity” by Sheelonee Banerjee

From BHR4 Summer 2015

1. “Crepuscular” by Jordan Sanderson
2. “Unstitched” by Karla Van Vliet
3. “At Day’s End” by Tom Montag

Congratulations and good luck to all of our Blue Heron Review Pushcart nominees!

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review

Our Next Open Call for Submissions for Blue Heron Review Will Be March 20th Through April 20th, 2016

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Artwork by Daniel Adams

Our next open call for submissions will be from March 20th through April 20th, 2016. All poems received will be considered for our BHR Summer 2016 issue, due to be published at the end of July 2016.

Please follow us to read a NEW featured poet EVERY month on our BLUE HERON SPEAKS FEATURED AUTHOR page. Visit our ARCHIVES page to read past issues before submitting. Complete list of guidelines available on our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES page.

Still in the works, is our BHR Winter 2016 issue, due to be published at the end of February 2016!

The November 2015 Blue Heron Speaks Featured Poet is Ronda Broatch!

Ronda Broatch

Welcome to the November 2015 Blue Heron Speaks feature! Our talented guest author this month is poet, editor, and photographer, Ronda Broatch, whose latest poetry collection is Lake of Fallen Constellations (MoonPath Press, 2015). The senses hum and glow with Broatch’s words. Her imagery brings us into the world of each poem so fully, that we feel the rush of river water on legs – we experience the dusting of sand on skin. This vibrant collection will awaken a longing for connection to earth and sky, for the need to understand the stars. Beautiful, rich, and evocative! You will want a copy of this collection to read and re-read.

Please visit the Blue Heron Speaks Featured Author page to read two sample poems from Ronda Broatch’s latest book.

(photo credit Ronda Broatch)

(photo credit Ronda Broatch)

Ronda Broatch is the author of Lake of Fallen Constellations, (MoonPath Press, 2015), Shedding Our Skins, (Finishing Line Press, 2008), and Some Other Eden, (2005). Her journal publications include Prairie Schooner, Fourteen Hills, Mid-American Review, and Fire On Her Tongue: An Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry (Two Sylvias Press). Ronda co-edits the literary journal, Crab Creek Review. Poet and photographer, she is attracted to words and textures like a moth to a bare bulb on a twilit porch.  Find out more about this author at:

Lake of Fallen Constellations (MoonPath Press, 2015)