Blue Heron Review Issue 15 / Fall 2022 NOW ONLINE!

FINAL BHR 15 Cover Design

(Cover art credit: Cynthia Yatchman)

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Susan Fiore * Kim Klugh * Amy Murre * Laura Goldin * Ellen Lager * Diane Vogel Ferri * Karen A VandenBos * Mary Anna Scenga Kruch * Margaret Rozga * Pam Lewis * Elizabeth R McCarthy * Sami H Tripp * Richard Havenga * Michele Mekel * Lucy Tyrrell * Keith MacNider * Derik Hawley * Patricia Carney * Julie A Dickson * Erna Kelly * Nancy Murphy * Abha Das Sarma * Yvette Viets Flaten * Maryann Hurtt * Mary McCarthy * Fred Kreutz * Erik Richardson * Eamon O’Caoineachan * Ann Wehrman * Fredric Hildebrand * Thomas A Thrun

Cynthia Yatchman (Cover Artist) * Michael Jeske * Karren Jeske * Janet Ruth * Jeannie E Roberts * Thomas A Thomas * Derik Hawley * Gail Goepfert

Editor’s Note:

Welcome to the Fall 2022 “Shared Space” issue of Blue Heron Review (Issue #15). It is such a pleasure to share this special collection of poetry and photography/art with our readers! Whether it is about sharing space with the natural world, loved ones, or anyone we have a sense of connection and kinship with, this issue explores all of the ways in which we touch the lives of others in positive ways. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue as much as I enjoyed curating it

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review