Blue Heron Review Issue 13 (Offerings of Compassion) / Fall 2021 Is Now Online! 


BHR 13 Cover Design Image png

(Cover art credit: Paula Lietz)

Please visit the BHR 13 Fall 2021 page of our site, to read and view our full collection of poetry and visual art!



Lisa Ashley * Donna Secour * Michelle M Mead * Rhiannon-Skye Boden * Sarah Reichert * Judy Kronenfeld * Bobbi Sinha-Morey * Patty Somlo * Andrea England * Lynne Carol Austin * Ann Wehrman * Donna H DiCello * Irene Alderson * Wilda Morris * Cynthia Elder * Richard Havenga * Thomas Davis * Betsy Mars * Susan Martell Huebner * Kristen Baum DeBeasi * Amy Baskin * Gail Goepfert * Janet Ruth * Shawn Aveningo-Sanders * Jim Landwehr * Lorraine Caputo * Jan Chronister * Mary Ray Goehring * Brenda Lempp * Shelly Blankman * Rose Mary Boehm * Nancy Rafal * Sandra Lindow * Darshan Frances Jessop * Heidi C Hallett * Jackie Langetieg * Joan Mazza * Erik Richardson * Mary Jo Balistreri



Paula Lietz (Cover Artist) * Kurt Huebner * Lynne Carol Austin * Richard Havenga * Megan Morgan * Karen VandenBos * Holly Kallie



Dear Reader,

I welcome you to hit the pause button today.  After being on hiatus, one bonus issue wasn’t enough.  For our last issue (Nurturing Hope), we had so many submissions of exquisite, heartfelt work, that I created another gathering space for poems that all seemed to hold hands around the companion theme of Offerings of Compassion.  I originally opened up Blue Heron Review again to offer some solace and peace during the pandemic.  I can see that there is a need to continue to offer this haven of creativity and connection.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue.  Stay tuned for an announcement about an upcoming call for submissions for another themed bonus issue.

All kind thoughts,

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review