Megan Morgan is the May 2014 Blue Heron Speaks Featured Artist

Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan photo by Eva Tsang

(photo by Eva Tsang)

The Blue Heron Speaks featured artist for May is Fine Art Photographer, Megan Morgan. Since last month was National Poetry Month, I wanted a change of pace for this page.  If poets paint with words, then visual artists create poetry through the beauty of image, form and visual concepts. To honor the light-bearing month of May, it is my great pleasure to introduce and shine a spotlight on the talents of photographer, Megan Morgan. I hope you enjoy these majestic glimpses of light in their natural and unexpected forms. Visit the Blue Heron Speaks page of this site to view three of Megan Morgan’s light-themed photographs.

Megan Morgan is a visual artist currently living in Northern California who focuses mainly on photography. She graduated from the San Francisco Art institute with a Masters of Fine Art in 2012. Her work can be found in exhibitions throughout North America including Toronto (ON), Detroit (MI), Halifax (NS), San Francisco (CA) and more. Megan’s work embraces the notions of place, identity, history and light. More formally, Megan’s work ranges from portrait photography to environmental landscapes, to issues surrounding gender and race as well as the abstract. Additionally, as a yoga instructor, she believes in the goodness and uniqueness of all people and strives to find ways to capture the best of this lifetime with the people and places she teaches and photographs. You can find her musings, websites and other creative work here:
Twitter: @MeegnMMorgan