Blue Heron Review Issue 10 Summer 2018 Just Released!

Welcome to the Blue Heron Review “Aspects of Love” Summer 2018 Issue!

I hope that you enjoy these poems and images, as much as I do! Love is at the core of everything we do (or at least it should be). This issue includes many different aspects of love: romantic love, the love of family, the love of a deep friendship, the love for a dear pet, the love of nature, the love and passion for one’s vocation, and the love for life itself.

With 42 poets and 11 visual artists represented from all over the world, this issue is literally a global feast for the heart and mind. Thank you to all of our talented contributors for making this magical issue possible. A special thank you to artist, Jocelyn Duke, who so graciously gave us permission to use her artwork, “Never Forget Your Song,” for our issue’s cover.

BH10 Cover V3 Image Final

(cover art by Jocelyn Duke “Never Forget Your Song”)

Ceó Ruaírc * Karla Linn Merrifield * Eileen Sateriale * David Kitchel * Ruth Hoberman * Anna Mark * Elisabeth Harrahy * Kirsty A Niven * Tobi Alfier * Neil Creighton * Mary Goehring * Mike Lewis-Beck * Julia Kennedy * James P Roberts * Joseph Murphy * Lynne Carol Austin * Christopher Stolle * Lynn White * Joe Cottonwood * Mary Beth Hines * Lois Roma-Deeley * Patricia Carney * Marjie G Giffin * Jim Landwehr * Tom Richter * Joseph Nardoni * Mikayla Davis * Jane-Marie Bahr * Susan Martell Huebner * Kenneth Pobo * Mary C McCarthy * Stephanie K Merrill * Laura Johnson * David B Prather * Joan Mazza * Keith MacNider * Rachel Dacus * Donna H DiCello * Liz Rhodebeck * Steve Bucher * Lynne Burnett * PD Lietz

Jocelyn Duke (cover artist) * Lou Nicksic * Gail Goepfert * Jon Baucom * Kurt J Huebner * Diana Creighton * Paul Holden * Anna May Shaffer * Karen A VandenBos * PD Lietz * David Seth Smith

Blue Heron Review Issue 10, Summer 2018 / “Aspects of Love”



Blue Heron Review at the Woodland Pattern Annual Poetry Marathon in Milwaukee on Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at 2pm

BH postcard med

Artwork by Daniel Adams

Blue Heron Review
​ is co-sponsoring the 2-3pm time slot of the Woodland Pattern 22nd Annual Poetry Marathon and Benefit on Sat. January 30th in Milwaukee!

“All of the money raised will support Woodland Pattern’s 2016 programming in literature and the arts, including our Lynden Sculpture Garden Writer-in-Residence and our Urban Youth Literary Arts Program.” (Woodland Pattern Book Center, 720 East Locust Street | Milwaukee, WI 53212)

Here is our featured poet line-up:

Cristina Norcross​
Susan Huebner
James Roberts
Fred Kreutz
Gail Goepfert
Ruth Bavetta
Martie Ingebretsen

Those who live locally, will be there in-person, and for our long-distance poets, we will be reading poems on their behalf. It will be a great reading! Hope to see you there!

Blue Heron Review’s 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Blue Heron Review is delighted to announce our 2014 Pushcart Prize nominations!

(1) “Vitreous” by Gail Goepfert (Published in the summer/July 2014 issue)

(2) “Last Night the Owls” by Russell Colver (Published in the summer/July 2014 issue)

(3) “The Opal Water” by Martie Odell-Ingebretsen (Published in the summer/2014 issue)

(4) “Three Days” by Su Zi (Published in the summer/July 2014 issue)

(5) “Developing a Natural Grace” by Paula Schulz (Published in the winter/ February 2014 issue)

(6) “Accident” by Kristina Moriconi (Published on the Blue Heron Speaks Feature page, January, 2014)

Congratulations to all of our Blue Heron poets!