In Loving Memory of Leilani Carroll

It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of one of our beloved contributing artists for Blue Heron Review, Leilani Carroll. Leilani was the cover artist for Blue Heron Issue 6 and was also a contributing photographer for issues 7 and 8. Leilani was one of the kindest, gentlest people I knew. We developed a treasured friendship over the past few years, and I will miss her dearly. When I heard the news today that Leilani was no longer with us, I wanted to pay tribute to her memory, her bright spirit, and the light of kindness which she shared with others. In this special post for Blue Heron Review, I would like to share Leilani’s work from our magazine with our readers, as well as her biography. May her light keep shining—for all of us still finding our way.


Leilani Carroll 
had an appreciation for all things “nature” for as long as she could remember, but birds of all species were her passion.  Leilani was a retired RN who adapted her photography around the limitations of living many years with young onset Parkinson’s Disease.  Despite her disability, she thought “outside the box” to find ways to capture many of her images.  Always using the opportunity to give credit to our Creator for the beauty that can be found in everyday life.  Leilani lived in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Gary, with the good fortune to have a small lake in back and a neighborhood that adjoins a 10,000 acre state park.  She was delighted when any of her photos could spotlight “Alabama the beautiful” and the treasures it holds for those who look, listen, and linger.

Leilani Carroll geese photo copy

(photo by Leilani Carroll / BHR Issue 8)



GBHeronfrozen.1 use this w sig copy

(photo by Leilani Carroll, BHR Issue 7)



BHR Issue 6 Summer 2016 Cover Final Image copy

(cover photo by Leilani Carroll, BHR Issue 6)



Blue Heron Review Issue 8 / Summer 2017 “The Healing Issue” Is Now Available to Read Online!

BHR Issue 8 Summer 2017 cover image

(Cover art by Pd Lietz)

Nina Bannett, Michael Hettich, Gary Jones, M J Iuppa, Catherine Stearns, Karla Huston, Joan Mazza, Jan Chronister, Charlene Langfur, Rachel Dacus, M A H Hinton, Cathryn Cofell, Guy Thorvaldsen, Emily Bowles, Tricia Knoll, Marguerite G Bouvard, Cliff Wedgbury, Lawrence William Berggoetz, Ruth McArthur, Gail Tirone, Kathy Lohrum Cotton, Claire Joysmith, Sheryl Slocum, Tori Grant Welhouse, Kersten Christianson, Roseann St Aubin, Annie Blake, Priscilla Atkins, Janet McCann, Michael Jack O’Brien, Jessica Moser, Jackie Langetieg, Jim Landwehr, Lynne Burnett, Susan Twiggs, Laura Johnson, Mary Strong Jackson, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, Jonel Abellanosa, Kevin Shyne, Ronnie Hess, Susie Foster Hale, Jodi Andrews, Lorraine Caputo, Kristen Baum DeBeasi, Sandra Lindow, James Dott, Chelsea Comeau, Joanne M Clarkson, Janet Taliaferro, Prerna Bakshi, Jude Goodwin, Karla Van Vliet, Susan Martell Huebner, Laurel Devitt, Kelsey Dean, Martin Willitts Jr, Bobbie Lee Lovell

Pd Lietz (Cover Artist), Jason Iffert, Devi S Laskar, Robina Anstey, Kurt John Huebner, Leilani Carroll, Fiona Capuano, Karen VandenBos, Melodie Past

Welcome to the SUMMER 2017 HEALING ISSUE of Blue Heron Review!

This is our first, themed issue for Blue Heron, and we had a record high number of submissions. So many writers connected with the need for healing in our lives on many different levels. This theme was open to topics of physical healing, emotional healing, the healing of our environment, spiritual healing, etc. Poets from across the US, Canada, and abroad showed up in our in-box with deeply personal, poetic narratives about their own experiences of healing. Each poem in this collection is a sacred offering to our readers. I hope that you will be present for yourself, for these extraordinary artists who have shared their stories, and for the future we hold so dear. Within these creations exists a glorious hope for what our world could be, if we listen to each other with love, compassion, and grace.

Please click on the tab for Blue Heron Review Issue 8 Summer 2017 to read the full collection.

There is much to explore and savor here. I hope that you enjoy reading these poems and viewing the artwork, as much as I have enjoyed creating a space for these beautifully rich offerings!

With kind wishes for summer,
Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review