Blue Heron Review Issue 12 (“Nurturing Hope” ) / Spring 2021 Is Now ONLINE!

(Cover art credit: Kathleen Gunton)

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Ryan F Love * Sally Sandler * Rachael Inciarte * Kelly Lenox * Lori Levy * Karen George * Annie Morris * Mary Anna Kruch * Judy DeCroce * Janet Ford * Jean Varda * Amy Beth Acker * Dana Sonnenschein * Mary McCarthy * Sheryl Cornett * Pat Phillips West * Catherine D’Andrea * Penny Harter * Amy L George * Rachel Dacus * Kate Meyer-Currey * Kersten Christianson * Paula Schulz * Cheryl Heineman * Mary C Rowin * Karen Warinsky * Jeannie E Roberts * Maryann Hurtt * Melissa Huff * Marilyn Zelke Windau * Stephen Anderson * Thomas A Thrun * Joan Leotta * Cheryl Byler Keeler * Grace Matson * Patricia Carney * Linda Aschbrenner


Kathleen Gunton (Cover Artist) * Janet Ruth * Jeannie E Roberts * Kurt Huebner * Paula Lietz * Karen VandenBos * Sonya Sinha


Dear Reader,

It is such a great pleasure to share this issue with you!  My goal in opening up Blue Heron Review again for a special bonus issue was to provide writers and readers a chance to surround themselves with the energy of hope and promise after this long pandemic year.  You will find exquisite, fine art photography and beautiful poetry to nurture the soul.  These poems reflect the different experiences people felt moved to share.  Through recognizing your own stories of struggle, resilience, and human connection, I hope that the many tomorrows of 2021 seem a bit brighter. 

With kind thoughts,

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor
Blue Heron Review

Stephen Anderson is the September 2015 Blue Heron Speaks Featured Poet!

Stephen Anderson

Welcome to the September 2015 Blue Heron Speaks feature! This month, we are very pleased to share the work of poet, Stephen Anderson. Please visit our Blue Heron Speaks page to read 3 sample poems from his new poetry collection, Navigating in the Sun (Finishing Line Press, 2015). While reading Stephen Anderson’s poems, we closely hold the miracle of each memory he shares with us, as if they are our own. Anderson has that rare gift as a poet of showing us the magic of small moments through beautiful imagery and thoughtful details. We, too, are on that swing as a child. We, too, are listening to the cicada serenade. We, too, are contemplating the fate of a colony of yellow jackets. I hope you will linger long and often, while reading these poems, as we welcome the new life that awaits us behind the russet and gold of September.

(Photo credit: Shlomo Godder)

(Photo credit: Shlomo Godder)

Stephen Anderson is a prize-winning Milwaukee poet whose work has appeared in numerous print and online journals including Southwest Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, New Purlieu Re-view, Free Verse, Verse Wisconsin and Foundling Review. Many of Anderson’s poems have been featured on the Milwaukee NPR-affiliate WUWM Lake Effect Program. He is the author of Montezuma Resurrected And Other Poems (2001) and The Silent Tango of Dreams (2006 chapbook).  Several of his poems appeared in the poetry collection, Portals And Piers (2012). In the summer of 2013, six of his poems formed the text for a chamber music composition entitled, The Privileged Secrets of the Arch, performed by some musicians, including two members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and an opera singer. Because of a particular set of life experiences, Anderson considers himself a poet with a global perspective rather than a regional poet. His newest poetry collection, Navigating in the Sun, was recently published by Finishing Line Press (2015). Copies can be ordered directly from the poet ($14.49 plus shipping of $2.50).  Contact author for details at:

Navigating in the Sun (Finishing Line Press, 2015)

Stephen A book cover