Blue Heron Review Issue 2 Summer/2014 JUST RELEASED!

Blue Heron Issue 2 cover3


(Cover art by Anne Slatinsky-Raskopf)

Kristina Moriconi * MJ Iuppa * Davita Joie * Lisa J Cihlar * Lila Hope-Simpson * Joseph Farley * Darshan Frances Jessop * Jane Blue * Gail Goepfert * Russell Colver * Jack Riggs * Caitlin Johnson * Nicole Simonsen * Cynthia McCain * Kenneth Pobo * Heidi Hallett * James P Roberts * Ed Higgins * Terrence Sykes * Martie Odell-Ingebretsen * TM Moore * Martin Willitts Jr * Patrice Boyer Claeys * Robert Nordstrom * Glenda Barrett * Chaya Rosen * Su Zi * Mary Jo Balistreri * Steven Bucher * Erina Booker * Donna H DiCello * David Scheler * David Seth Smith

Anne Slatinsky-Raskopf * Patricia Bashford * David Seth Smith * Pd Lietz * Su Zi * Heidi Hallett * Jason Iffert

Welcome to the summer/2014 issue of Blue Heron Review!  We have a beautiful array of poetry, photography and artwork for you to enjoy in this issue.  Please visit the Blue Heron Review Issue 2 Summer/2014 page on our site, to savor each poem and image.

I hope you enjoy these poetic offerings as much as I do.

With peaceful thoughts,
Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review

4 thoughts on “Blue Heron Review Issue 2 Summer/2014 JUST RELEASED!

  1. Thank you Christina! I love the photo that you chose to accompany the poem. It’s a lovely edition with some incredible poems within. I am honored and humbled by your interest to include “My Boy” in this issue. All the best, and I’ll stay in touch!



    • Thank you, Jack! It is a pleasure to feature your work in the summer issue of Blue Heron Review. So glad you like the addition of Jason Iffert’s photography with your poem. Thank you for being a contributor. I appreciate your unique voice.

      With kindest thoughts,
      Cristina Norcross
      Blue Heron

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