Blue Heron Review Issue 4 Summer/2015 is Now Available to Read Online!

(Cover photo by Gail Goepfert)

(Cover photo by Gail Goepfert)

Arya F Jenkins * S Wallace * Elizabeth Tornes * Elizabeth J Mitchell * Art Heifetz * James Sanchez * Ronnie Hess * Monika John * Bonnie Durrance * Ronda Broatch * Loukia Borrell * Davita Joie * Kim Hunter Perkins * Karla Van Vliet * Nancy Bevilaqua * Annette L Grunseth * Paula Schulz * Ethel Mortenson Davis * Martin Willitts Jr * David K Wheeler * Susan Martell Huebner * Fred Kreutz * Jeannie E Roberts * Yuan Changming * Scott T Starbuck * Gary Glauber * Mary Jo Balistreri * Liz Rhodebeck * Chris Abbate * James P Roberts * Tom Montag * Peter Piaskoski * Ray Young Bear * Jordan Sanderson * Rachel Dacus * Anne C Kaiser * M J Iuppa * Charlene Langfur * Jamie Lynn Morris * Hannah Marie Nelson * Laurie Kolp

Gail Goepfert * Laurel Best * Jason Iffert * Pd Lietz * Holly Kallie * Dawn Eves

Please visit the Blue Heron Review Issue 4 Summer/2015 page of this site, to enjoy a selection of poetic offerings and visual art by our contributors.

We have another wonderful collection of poetry and artwork to share! Our summer issue sings with color and vibrancy. There is a call to reach for life, and one’s source, with grateful hands in these poems and images. Under the careful watch of the sun, this issue definitely blooms. I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix of writing styles and visions for living, in this collection, as much as I do.

~Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review

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