Blue Heron Review Issue 5 / Winter 2016 Released Today!

Welcome to our latest issue of Blue Heron Review!

Please visit the Blue Heron Review Issue 5/Winter 2016 page of our website to read and view all of the beautiful work in this collection.

BHR Winter 2016 cover design image

(Cover art by Sharon Auberle)


Ethel Mortenson Davis * Chris Abbate * Elizabeth J Mitchell * Martin Willitts Jr * Joan Mazza * Richard King Perkins II * Kenneth Pobo * Lila Hope-Simpson * Steven Bucher * Robert Lee Haycock * Terrence Sykes * Su Zi * Karissa Knox Sorrell * Heidi Hallett * Mary Carroll-Hackett * Devi S Laskar * Philip Dacey * Gary Jones * Zara Raab * Anne Higgins * David Anthony Sam * Nancy Ann Schaefer * Patricia Williams * Sarah Gilbert * Emily Harel * Maryann Hurtt * Julia Rice * Marilyn Zelke-Windau * Katy Phillips * Bauke Kamstra * Linda Aschbrenner * Erina Booker * Judy Wucherer * Daniel Birnbaum * Florence Weinberger * Melissa Fu * Pamela Ahlen * Gonzalinho da Costa * Marcia J Pradzinski * Keith MacNider * Cathryn Essinger * Cindy Rinne * Cindy Bousquet Harris * Donna H DiCello

Sharon Auberle * Phil Shepherd * Richard Havenga * Daniel Adams * David Kessler * Keith MacNider * Robert Lee Haycock

I hope you enjoy this stunning collection of poetry and photography. Each, unique creation offers up a rich tapestry of mindfulness and beauty for the reader.

With kind wishes,

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor
Blue Heron Review

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