BLUE HERON REVIEW is back for a special BONUS issue—HOPE! Call for Submissions: Jan. 20th through Feb. 10th, 2021

Our theme is: *NURTURING HOPE*

In order to provide space and support for what we are all going through with the current pandemic, I wanted to temporarily re-open Blue Heron Review for people to write and share stories of hope.  Mark your calendar and join us for this very special gathering of voices, as we come together to create space for HOPE in our lives.  Your words make a difference.  Help us raise the vibration for everyone. (Online pub date: Spring 2021)

(*Please carefully read our full submission guidelines on the BHR site before submitting.)

With kind thoughts,

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Founding Editor, Blue Heron Review

(Artwork, “Great Blue Heron,” by Daniel Adams)

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