The Blue Heron Speaks Featured Author for May is Tobi Alfier

Welcome to the May spotlight of the Blue Heron Speaks Featured Author page! Our featured poet this month is writer, editor, and publisher, Tobi Alfier.

Some poems engage the mind with quiet song, with imagery that flows seamlessly from one line to the next. Tobi Alfier does this, quite skillfully, in her writing. With each offering, we witness beautiful, languid paintings of verse – each line, a brushstroke. I hope you enjoy the narrative path of each of the 3 poems shared on the Blue Heron Speaks Page of our site. These are eloquent, evocative poems of reverie, love, and memory. Alfier reminds us that nature sings to us every day. These poems will call to you, and stay with you, long after the first reading.

Photo of Tobi alone

Tobi Alfier is a multiple Pushcart nominee and a Best of the Net nominee. Her poems have appeared in The Chaffin Journal, Gargoyle, Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Los Angeles Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Town Creek Poetry, and other print and online journals in the United States and overseas. Her most current chapbooks are The Coincidence of Castles, from Glass Lyre Press, and Romance and Rust, from Blue Horse Press. Down Anstruther Way is forthcoming from FutureCycle Press. Along with her husband, Jeffrey Alfier, she is the co-editor and co-publisher of San Pedro River Review. You may reach Tobi at

Romance and Rust (Blue Horse Press, 2015)


The Coincidence of Castles (Glass Lyre Press, 2014)


Richard Havenga is the September 2014 Blue Heron Speaks Featured Poet

Richard Havenga



Blue Heron Review is pleased to share the talents of poet and nature photographer, Richard Havenga, this month.  Richard blends his talents for visual and literary art in the form of photo Haiku poems on his blog, “Walk With Father Nature,” which offers readers a unique fusion of photography and poetry.  Each poem is a breath.  Each photograph is a window to the world of natural beauty and philosophical reflection.  Please visit the Blue Heron Speaks page of our site, to read and view his photo Haiku selections: Gold Rings, Theater of Clouds, Celestial Vision, and Willow Leaf.  Richard will also be a special, guest contributor in the Winter/2015 issue of Blue Heron.

Richard Havenga seeks to make the ordinary extraordinary through close, personal observations of nature. Weaving words of grace and gratitude through the tapestry of his exquisite photographs, Richard shares everyday miracles with the rigorous curiosity of a naturalist, and the immeasurable perceptions of an artist. Richard writes with a supple blend of awareness, spirituality, and discovery. Always attentive outdoors, always searching for new epiphanies of beauty, always grateful for the extravagant gifts of creation, he leads the reader-viewer along an inviting trail of words and images; gifts thoughtfully selected, and graciously given. Richard Havenga is a writer, nature photographer, poet, teacher, naturalist, and author of the blog, “Walk With Father Nature”. He’s been married to his loving wife, Mary, for 43 years. They live on ten wooded acres, on a designated “Natural Beauty” road near Cannonsburg, Michigan. Find out more about this author:


Winter Issue Launch at the End of February 2014 / Summer Issue Submissions Open Until March 1, 2014

Daniel Adams Blue Heron

(Artwork by Daniel Adams)


The first issue of Blue Heron Review is due to be published online at the end of February, 2014!

Submissions Reminder:

Submissions for the summer issue keep coming in! I’m amazed that we already have a great group of poets to celebrate this summer! Keep them coming, writers! Feel free to share our Blue Heron Review website and contact information.

Our deadline for the summer issue is March 1, 2014. Please see our Submission Guidelines page on this site and read ALL guidelines carefully. To get a taste of what we are looking for, read selections on the Blue Heron Speaks page.

I look forward to reading your work!

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Editor, Blue Heron Review

Welcome to Blue Heron Review!

Blue Heron Review is an online poetry magazine specializing in mystical and spiritual verse.  Blue Heron provides a space for poets who offer a positive message about living fully and engaging with the world through beauty, a sense of community and acceptance.

Blue Heron strives to promote and feature works that nourish the soul, encourage deep reflection and support a peaceful life path.  Blue Heron poets embrace the concepts of:  joy, abundance, grace, love, light, connection, awareness, acceptance, balance, peace, one’s soul path, and spirit in their works.  Think, Rumi ~ think, Hafiz!

We are getting ready to announce our reading period for the 2nd issue of Blue Heron Review, which will have an online publication date of summer 2014 The FIRST Blue Heron is due to be released as an online issue ~ winter / 2014.  Please watch this space for further information, regarding guidelines and submission deadlines.  For a general overview, please click on the tab for Submission Guidelines on this site.  We look forward to reading your thoughts on life, through the lens of poetry.

Thank you!

~Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor

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