Winter Issue Launch at the End of February 2014 / Summer Issue Submissions Open Until March 1, 2014

Daniel Adams Blue Heron

(Artwork by Daniel Adams)


The first issue of Blue Heron Review is due to be published online at the end of February, 2014!

Submissions Reminder:

Submissions for the summer issue keep coming in! I’m amazed that we already have a great group of poets to celebrate this summer! Keep them coming, writers! Feel free to share our Blue Heron Review website and contact information.

Our deadline for the summer issue is March 1, 2014. Please see our Submission Guidelines page on this site and read ALL guidelines carefully. To get a taste of what we are looking for, read selections on the Blue Heron Speaks page.

I look forward to reading your work!

Cristina M. R. Norcross
Editor, Blue Heron Review

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